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The remote controlled caravan/trailer mover that makes moving easy for both Australian and European caravans. The base model is suitable for moving laden single axle trailers up to 2,500kg or twin axle trailers up to 2,000kg on a hard, level surface while the Model 6 All Wheel Drive unit is capable of moving up to 3,500kg laden twin axle vans on a hard, level surface.

It's for anyone who has ever had difficulty hooking up their caravan, horse float or trailer to the tow ball and great for parking in narrow areas or cornered driveways. It will also save many a sore back!


The Powrtouch can easily move and position your caravan or trailer in any direction (even 360o with single axle vans) on a level surface as well as wet or uneven terrain. However the performance of the unit will be affected by the grade or slope of the surface over which you are travelling. This means that a lighter caravan will handle a much steeper grade than a heavier caravan.

Powrtouch operates through the use of a hand held remote control unit which communicates by radio signal with a receiver unit mounted inside the caravan. You have precise control of the movements and are able to move the caravan/trailer right onto the tow ball of your vehicle. Braking is instant with the press of a button. (Please note that the remote handset will not operate any Powrtouch. It is tuned into the unit which can only be done from inside the caravan.)

The base unit utilizes two 12 volt motors with reduction gearboxes mounted on a lightweight metal frame that clamps to your chassis and, with the cam operated lock, operates the drive wheels onto your caravan/trailer tyres. Engaging the rollers is almost effortless using the special extension bar. A Powrbar engages both drive wheels simultaneously so that the rollers can be engaged or disengaged from either side of your caravan. This is particularly useful when there is limited access to one side of your van.

The All Wheel Drive unit drives all four wheels of the caravan and may be required where a twin axle caravan is used on a steep slope, turning uphill or on uneven ground (where the drive wheels may lift off the ground). The All Wheel Drive unit is comprised of two Powrtouch units which are positioned both in front and behind the caravan wheels and which are wired to work simultaneously.


The fitting of the Powrtouch does not require any welding or drilling of the chassis in most instances, making fitting simple. If you are outside of the Sydney Metropolitan area, ask your local caravan repairer or mechanic to install it if you don't have technical abilities. Installation takes about 3 hours and the unit comes complete with instructions. If you need any assistance we are only a phone call away.

  • Available in single or tandem axle models.
  • Palm sized, lightweight, handheld remote controller.
  • Compact design offering better ground clearance.
  • Soft start - Less stress to the chassis, giving complete, fluent control to the operator enabling effortless parking in those tight situations.
  • Unique 2 button safety control to activate the system.
  • Braking occurs immediately your finger is released from the operating buttons.
  • Automatic system shutdown - for added safety.
  • Additional back up lead should you experience any interference with radio controlled handset.
  • Easily removed and reinstalled if your caravan is upgraded.
  • Corrosive resistant materials are used, to aid refitting and durability.
  • A unique paint finish for longer life and durability, using a comprehensive surface preparation with 3 layers of epoxy enamel.
  • Adjustable motor positions.
  • Uses the existing caravan battery.
  • Easy DIY installation for the competent person.


The Powractuator is a 12volt linear actuator that replaces the over-lock CAM system for engaging and disengaging the rollers to the tyres. As some existing parts are removed the new Powractuator does not add any weight to the existing Powrtouch Mover.

The drive rollers can be positioned on or off the tyres by a simple press of a switch.

Should you have a battery failure when the rollers are located on the tyre they can be removed by turning a small shaft by hand (9mm Hex) or with a battery operated tool (not supplied).

Please contact ACR Caravan Repairs for further information.
Note: The performance of the unit is directly affected by the grade or slope of the surface over which you are travelling due to the effect of gravity. This means a lighter weight trailer will handle a much steeper grade than a heavier trailer. However it must be remembered that no two surface conditions and grade are identical. Therefore, we can only give you a general idea or estimate as to expected performance under your unique circumstances. When moving over grass, gravel or other non-paved type surfaces, your particular soil conditions will affect the performance of your Powrproduct under those conditions.

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